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Eastern Account System has over 30 years of proven success in handling our clients’ customer service, delinquency and collections needs. We are uniquely positioned to respond quickly to the evolving demographics of your customer base and helping them with their customer service needs or delinquency resolution. We can quickly calibrate our call scripts, and our ACD (automatic call distribution) and emotional analytics technologies help us individualize and prioritize approaches to deliver superior results.

We integrate with and navigate your CRM and billing platforms to provide the best resolution to your customers’ needs, place orders or take payments, while being seamless to your customer. In addition to reports at customized intervals, our operational transparency allows you to see for yourself how we are doing on your behalf. With focus on First Contact Resolution and customer loyalty, our first party contact center solutions in customer service, sales or delinquency reduction are designed to be a seamless extension of your core values and business practices.

Eastern’s third party collection programs have a history of proven success collecting delinquent accounts at the highest rates in the industry. Our highly trained, all US-based teams of ACA certified collection specialists handle sticky collection situations with sensitivity and integrity, retaining customers at a far higher rate than other collection agencies. Our secure HIPAA compliant and PCI compliant protocols utilize sophisticated account scoring to help generate highly successful liquidation results.


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