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Humble but noble beginnings

Eastern began as a healthcare focused collection agency over thirty years ago. During those years, we grew our reputation by expanding into the utility, telecom and more recently, fintech space. While originally handling bad debt collections, our team’s real passion was to help companies engage more meaningfully with their patients and customers, specifically in the earlier stages of delinquency. This desire to be more human focused allowed us to grow into the robust BPO we are today, helping businesses with customer care, billing and retention support.

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We learned alot about humans in our history

Here at Eastern we have spent the last 30 years perfecting the art of customer interaction. We know billing and collection calls aren’t the easiest conversations to have.  We operate with an empathetic approach in mind and treat your customers with the utmost respect. Our team is our Human Technology and it’s what drives the difference at Eastern. Utilizing the combination of our management team experience and our speech analytics technology, we score every interaction for quality and compliance. We also offer your customers the easiest and most convenient ways to interact with our team. These include the most up-to-date digital and self-service channels so your customers can choose when they want to engage with us, and how.

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Data drives our strategy and allows us to achieve some of the highest third party contact rates in the industry.

We never stop learning and improving. Not only through our participation in trade associations and conferences, but more importantly from our clients. We are at our best when we understand our clients’ business inside and out.  And we like to build our services around their specific needs. In addition, we track all of our performance data and continually look back at it to analyze and uncover opportunities to improve. Simultaneously, we track customer behaviors, learning best contact methods, best contact times and the propensity to pay. The more we learn, the greater the results for you.

Our team

If we sat down with coffee we would tell you
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30% of us speak two languages or more
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56% of us drink 3 or more cups of coffee
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200% of us think we are people people
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22% of us are dog owners
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7% of us work in slippers
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96% of us can remember our very first call

Call center stats



Averaging over 1.6 million text messages sent monthly.


Over 600K live interactions with people monthly.


Over 200 current clients across the United states.


Over 1.3 million minutes of talk time used in a month.


Over $25 million dollars recovered monthly.

Get Results At The Highest Industry Rates.