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The Customer Service Center You’d Create Yourself If You Had The Time.

The Fintech industry is exploding with new companies and ideas. Mobile payments, mobile banking and personal lending are leading the charge. And with so many great innovations, start-up companies are growing by leaps and bounds and lightning fast speed.  It can be quite difficult to scale up your customer service department fast enough to keep up with customer issues, broken promises and late payers.  Eastern can take on the heavy lifting of building out your customer support team, whether it’s fielding inbound calls, or proactively reaching out to your customers for payment, or marketing and sales.

Programs & Services We Provide

When your company is in hyper growth mode, setting up a brick and mortar call center to service your rapidly growing customer base can slow you down. Even companies with the best innovative products and services still need to provide great customer experience or fail. Eastern has the ability to scale with your company and provide top notch service at a surprisingly affordable cost. With options onshore and offshore, Eastern can build out a customer service team and save you the cost and headaches of operating and staffing a physical call center.  We can also provide overflow services to support your internal customer service team as well. We can stand up an entire inbound support group on our telephony or work directly on your cloud based platform. And as your company is growing, we will be mining all the call data to fine tune forecasts and call arrival patterns which in turn will lower wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

A lot of start-up companies are so busy signing up new customers that the rise in delinquent customers often gets overlooked. Paying no attention to these late payers can lead to an increase in write-offs to bad debt that will be tougher and more expensive to collect on. A delinquency management strategy in place is crucial to maintaining a healthy bottom line.  We design customized proactive customer contact solutions to engage your customers and offer solutions to get them back on track.

We offer a holistic approach that will allow us to engage your customer by phone and any digital channels they might prefer.  Our first party collection programs can be set up on a contingency basis so you know we will be motivated to collect money and save your customers!

And you can trust your customer data is safe with us.  We offer fully audited secure sites where all data is encrypted at rest.

Eastern has been providing bad debt collections services in the fintech industry for over 20 years. Telecom bad debt portfolios can present some challenges to collections agencies.  First, there is a high volume of accounts with relatively small balances. With today’s rules and regulations, it can be challenging to find cost effective ways to work all of the accounts to their fullest. In addition, there are the complexities of trying to recover a service balance, but also negotiating the return of outstanding equipment.  Over the years, Eastern has worked everything from primary collections through warehouse tiers in the Telecom industry. We have programmed and worked on almost all middleware software in the market.  We leverage digital communication tactics to make sure we can afford to work all accounts to the maximum saturation that federal and state guidelines will allow.  We have also made deep investments in all-digital self servicing options. Whether through our site, our intelligent IVR, or virtual agents, we make sure your customers have the ability to rectify their accounts on their own time and without any embarrassment they may feel having to talk to an agent. Easter provides payment plans, settlement offers, bankruptcy filings, balance checks – all available through any of our digital platforms.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to collect in all 50 states, and provide a bi-lingual staff of professional collectors to service your customers.

We have also made large investments to ensure your customer data is protected.  And we run a number of security audits to put our clients’ worries at ease.  SOC2 Type 2 and PCI audits are run annually, and network penetration scans are run monthly.