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Hey, if you are human we should talk.

At Eastern the technology that drives our business is human technology. We are a people first company that places respect and empathy at the top of why we go to work each day. We hire motivated problem solvers who we train as part of our Eastern Financial Solution Advisory Teams.

This job is fast-paced and rewards motivated team members.  We believe negotiating payment strategies and difficult customer conversations don’t need to be difficult. We give you the support you need and the flexible work environment you want to succeed, grow and make a name for yourself here. We believe in our people and want you to be happy! Why? This all adds up to success for our customers, their patients and customers – and most importantly you, you human you.

Top 8 Reasons To Come Work With Us

Work from home
In your sweats, your slippers, your favorite hoodie.
Flexible shifts
Flexible shifts that fit your hours and life, from 16 hours a week to full-time.
Experience helps
Got a little contact center or customer experience? You can shine here!
Onward + upward
Move up fast. Fun fact: most of our managers began as agents.
Rewards + high fives
We’ll reward you for results and reliability. Commissions available.
We got you
Training and Management support to help you succeed.
Wearable perks
Cool merch to show off at the gym.
Benefits you can brag about
A package of benefits to make your friends jealous.
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  • Health, dental, vision and life insurance
  • 401k (up to a 4% match after one year of employment)
  • Childcare allowances
  • HSA (Health Savings Account)
  • Paid vacation and sick time (can accrue up to 10 vacation days/5 sick days each year; upon reaching year five, vacation time would increase to 15 days)
“The main reason I really enjoy my job is not only do we get the chance to work from home, but we get to meet new people all over the globe in different cities and states. My time here hasn't been very long, but my experience working with E-Center has been very pleasant. I’ve been given an opportunity that is flexible and allows a lot of growth. E-Center is not only providing a dream job for employees, but excellent training and the wonderful development of new knowledge to work with.” 
D.F., Employee in Training
“I've enjoyed my time working for this company thus far. The step-by-step training is very comprehensive with a resourceful team to help you on your way to becoming your best. It was tricky and confusing at first because this is the first time I’ve worked at a call center, but I was quick to get down the material. I honestly love it here. Great leaders, amazing support and the tools to succeed in this company at your fingertips. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity!” 
Brandy G.
“I have really been enjoying this job and being able to work from home is a big plus. The flexibility you give us all  to work with people's schedules is also a great thing. The training was very organized as well and very helpful.”
Tkeyah H
“One important question that I asked during the interview process was in reference to growth opportunities. The hiring manager, Leah, explained to me that there were opportunities to move up. In fact, most everyone in management started as an agent and worked their way up. In a month and a half, I was promoted to management. Work hard, show your value, and you will not only earn commission but will also have the opportunity to advance with the company."
Timothy W.
“I have been employed with Eastern for over 10 years now. I could not have  made a better choice than to choose them. Their schedule flexibility is great, the work from home opportunity is awesome so we can still be very productive while working from home. They have super friendly staff and management is always there when you need them. Oh, and the benefits are amazing.” 
Gustavo S


Anyone with a customer service experience and excellent computer skills can apply; but we prefer those who have some prior experience working in a call-center environment or similar environment where service was provided solely on the phone and/or email/chat on the computer. Both remote or in-office experience is great. If you don’t have call-center experience, a combination of customer service experience within an office, sales, or bank environment would be beneficial.

Computer skill set requirement includes being able to multitask on the computer in a fast-paced environment.

Yes! You will even train remotely! You will need:

  • a sufficient internet connection
  • a secure and quiet place to work within your home
  • your own personal equipment to work from initially (computer and headset) but after an introductory period we’ll provide company
  • equipment on loan for as long as you’re with Eastern (we hope that will be a long time)

Please submit your application here: Apply today

Yes! You can apply for any of our open positions that interest you where you meet the job requirements and that match your skill set.

  • Once we review your resume, we will reach out via email for an initial screening
  • Upon successful completion of the initial screening, we will request to set up an interview via video call
  • If hired, we will provide you with an official offer, coordinate a start date, and begin the onboarding process immediately!

Generally we have both full-time and part-time schedules available. Just ask!

We are open 7 days per week and will work with you to set up a schedule that works best for you.

  • We will commit to the agreed upon schedule, which will be consistent week-to-week. We also will never ask you to work overtime.
  • We commit to you, you commit to us and everybody (including our customers) win.
  • Our full-time schedules are 39.5 hours per week and generally spread across 5 days (we can be flexible with this if needed!). Our part-time schedules require a minimum of 16 hours per week.
  • All schedules fall within our business hours:
    Weekdays 8am-7:30pm Eastern Time; Saturdays 8am-6pm Eastern Time; Sundays 12-6pm Eastern Time

No! We are looking for long-term employees, those who want a fulfilling career.

Full time employees are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Insurances: Medical, dental, vision, life
  • HSA
  • 401k (up to a 4% match after one year of employment)
  • Paid vacation and sick time (can accrue up to 10 vacation days/5 sick days each year; upon reaching year five, vacation time would increase to 15 days)

Most questions will be answered during the screening process and interview. But if there is  something you’d like to discuss beforehand, please send us a message to:

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