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Proven success over time.

We are proud to partner with some of the biggest MSOs in the country. We know their customers are their number one priority, with their focus on customer care, retention, billing and collections. Eastern has proven experience in all these areas.

Programs & Services We Provide

We understand the importance of retaining your subscribers and know that it can be significantly cheaper to save your at risk customers than gain a new subscriber. Every customer interaction is important and deserves extraordinary customer experience. We offer both on and offshore resources to fit your budget.

Eastern can provide support for billing and collections. Our specialists are focused on saving and retaining customers in a friendly empathetic way.  And we have solutions to fit your company’s philosophy and budget with both onshore and offshore resources available.

Armed with the resources to ensure staffing meets your RTA (real time adherence) and SLA (Service level Agreements), and the strategy and people to meet  your performance goals. We can operate separately on our own CCaaS platform or work right on your platform. Whether you just need help with overflow, or need to outsource a whole line of business, we are here to help.

Whether through chat, text, phone, or email, we contact your customers where they want to be reached. Today you can’t just place a phone call to your customer and hope for the best.  Chances are you have multiple phone numbers on your customer’s account and perhaps even multiple email addresses.
We combine our industry expertise, technology, data and strategy to determine when and how your customers prefer to be contacted and then reach out from there.  We don’t like to offer line item services like an a la carte menu.  We listen to our clients and work to provide a holistic solution that provides a positive outcome for our clients and their customers.

We also understand the need to contact your customers in a way that is compliant with TCPA and FCC rules and regulations.  We provide solutions for when you don’t have that consent, and in cases where you do have consent, we also offer solutions to manage revocation of consent for customers wishing to opt out.

We take all steps to ensure that the numbers we call from and short codes we send texts from are clear of spam tagging. You can be sure that our calls and texts will be branded correctly and delivered.

And once we get in touch with your subscribers, we have skilled agents that are knowledgeable with the industry vernacular and billing practices.  Our team understands your business and we can speak confidently to your customers about their account.  We also have experience operating in the largest and most popular billing platforms in the telecom industry.

Our industry experience has also taught us to understand your subscriber delinquency timeline. Whether you are looking for support at the initial days of delinquency or after hard disconnect up to write off.  We have the talk off, and skills to help save your subscribers.

Eastern has been providing bad debt collections services in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. Telecom bad debt portfolios can present some challenges to collections agencies.

First, there is a high volume of accounts with relatively small balances. With today’s rules and regulations, it can be challenging to find cost effective ways to work all of the accounts to their fullest. In addition, there are the complexities of trying to recover a service balance, but also negotiating the return of outstanding equipment.

Over the years, Eastern has worked everything from primary collections debt through warehouse tiers in the Telecom industry. We have programmed and worked on almost all middleware software in the market.

We leverage digital communication tactics to make sure we can afford to work all accounts to the maximum saturation that federal and state guidelines will allow.

We have also made deep investments in all-digital self servicing options. Whether through our site, our intelligent IVR, or virtual agents, we make sure your customers have the ability to rectify their accounts on their own time and without any embarrassment they may feel having to talk to an agent. Eastern provides payment plans, settlement offers, bankruptcy filings, balance checks – all available through any of our digital platforms.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to collect in all 50 states, and provide a bi-lingual staff of professional collectors to service your customers.

We have also made large investments to ensure your customer data is protected and we run a number of security audits to put our clients’ worries at ease. SOC2 Type 2 and PCI audits are run annually, and network penetration scans are run monthly.